Sage Payroll

Sage Payroll takes care of all the complex and time consuming tasks involved in paying employees, accurately completing Year End returns and complying with all relevant government legislation. The simple, clear, user interface and helpful wizards guide you through each payroll process swiftly and simply. It takes just minutes to install Sage Payroll, and could save you hours every payday.


What’s In Sage Payroll

Employer Compliance Payroll Report
This unique feature enables you to prepare more quickly and easily for HMRC Compliance Team inspections and removes the need to restore data and backups from previous years. This offers peace of mind that you can generate information in a format that has been designed to meet HMRC specifications. Sage Payroll is currently the only software on the market to provide this functionality.
Process Maps
The Process Maps show all the steps that make up key payroll processes – so you’ll always know what to do and how to complete a task. This makes it easier for you to get up and running and to ensure you never miss any stages in a task.
Document Manager
You can now store, view, modify and print a variety of documents pertaining to each employee, making your HR records easier to manage.
The Dashboard provides an instant view of important company information – for example, absences and payments by month – on one at-a-glance screenn
Excel Integrated Reporting
This allows you to link Microsoft Excel directly to your Sage Payroll data, enabling key members of your company to access and analyze payroll information without having to use Sage Payroll themselves – great for those times when the Company Director or Manager asks to see payroll data.
Copy Employee
This feature allows you to automatically set up records for new employees that have the same payment types and rates as existing employees, to save time and reduce the risk of error
Improved Security
For your peace of mind, access to items within an employee record can now be restricted (e.g. salary details), to ensure sensitive information remains confidential.
Launch Line 50 from within Sage Payroll
If you are responsible for processing your company’s accounts and use Sage Line 50 to do so, this new feature will be a great help. Line 50 can now be launched directly from within the Sage Payroll program, allowing you to deal with accounts queries while conducting payroll tasks.
Historical Reporting
You can produce reports spanning multiple tax years, for greater planning capability. This new feature will help you to easily monitor trends and prepare budgets for future salary and resource requirements.


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